Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance

Whilst vacuum cleaners are tools designed to help you keep your house clean, they themselves require regular cleaning and checks to ensure that they do not lose suction or become clogged. This article lists the steps you should follow to keep your vacuum cleaner in full working order.

Empty the dust collection cylinder/replace bag

An obvious but important task to keep your vacuum cleaner from becoming too full, as this will quickly reduce the suction that it can output. Dyson DC35 Cordless VacuumFor bagless vacuum cleaners we recommend emptying the collection cylinder after every use if possible. If your vacuum uses bags then you won’t want to do this, but do check that the bag isn’t full after each use otherwise you will see a huge deterioration in suction power. As a rough guideline we would recommend emptying the bag when it gets 2/3 full. [Read more…]

Should I go Cordless?

Cordless vacuum cleaners have soared in popularity in recent years thanks to technological advances that allow them to compete with all but the best mains powered vacuum cleaners. If you’re still trying to decide whether to make the jump to cordless, read our information below which details the pros and cons of cordless vacuum cleaners.

The Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Most people reading this will have had the experience of using a mains vacuum before, and probably understand the main limiting factor – the cord. Not only does this slow you down as you are forced to plug it into a different socket when you change rooms, but it can get caught on furniture or trip you up. Whilst handheld vacuum cleaners have been around for a long time, decent cordless replacements to the main household vacuum cleaner have been elusive until recently.Dyson DC35 Cordless Vacuum

[Read more…]

Upright or Cylinder Vacuum?


The first question you may ask yourself when choosing a vacuum cleaner is whether you want an upright or cylinder vacuum cleaner. Both of these have advantages and disadvantages that must be considered when deciding which is the best fit for your home. [Read more…]

Types of Vacuum Cleaner

There are many different types of vacuum cleaner designed for different purposes – perhaps more than you would think. Below is an introduction into the different types of vacuum cleaner available on the market today.

Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Types of vacuum cleaner - UprightThe upright vacuum cleaner is most popular in the USA and the UK. They normally use a spinning brush roll (also known as the beater bar) which brushes up dirt and dust out of carpets for a deep clean. There are two main types of upright vacuum cleaner: [Read more…]