Should I go Cordless?

Cordless vacuum cleaners have soared in popularity in recent years thanks to technological advances that allow them to compete with all but the best mains powered vacuum cleaners. If you’re still trying to decide whether to make the jump to cordless, read our information below which details the pros and cons of cordless vacuum cleaners.

The Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Most people reading this will have had the experience of using a mains vacuum before, and probably understand the main limiting factor – the cord. Not only does this slow you down as you are forced to plug it into a different socket when you change rooms, but it can get caught on furniture or trip you up. Whilst handheld vacuum cleaners have been around for a long time, decent cordless replacements to the main household vacuum cleaner have been elusive until recently.Dyson DC35 Cordless Vacuum

The biggest problem vacuum cleaner manufacturers have faced up to this point is how to provide adevice which will give the same level of performance that mains vacuum cleaners can on a limited charge. Luckily, this has now been overcome, with cordless vacuum cleaners able to run from anywhere between 15-40 minutes on average – enough time to clean all but larger households. Whilst the suction performance still isn’t quite up to the standards set by mains vacuums, the gap is ever shrinking and, in certain cases, negligible.

Cordless vacuum cleaners are light, versatile, manoeuvrable and convenient. This not only makes the task of vacuum cleaning easier, but also quicker. They will lack power for thicker carpets and can struggle with pet hair (some cope better than others – for example, the Gtech AirRam performs well), but if these aren’t major factors for you then the cordless vacuum cleaner should be a serious consideration.

Also note that many cordless vacuum cleaners, such as the Dyson Digital Slim DC35 or the Morphy Richards 732000 comprise of both a handheld and an upright vacuum cleaner – something that no mains vacuum cleaner can offer.

A summary of the pros and cons of cordless vacuum cleaners can be found below.


  • Very versatile and easier to use than mains vacuum cleaners

  • No cords!

  • Lightweight and make vacuum cleaning a shorter task in most cases


  • The run times may reduce the viability of the cordless vacuum in larger households

  • Suction power not quite at the level of the mains vacuum cleaners

Recommendations: A cordless vacuum cleaner will perform well in small or medium households, and should improve the vacuum cleaning experience for these homes except for when used on particularly thick carpet or large amounts of pet hair. They may even make a good backup option for larger households when a quick clean on a few rooms is required.

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