Upright or Cylinder Vacuum?


The first question you may ask yourself when choosing a vacuum cleaner is whether you want an upright or cylinder vacuum cleaner. Both of these have advantages and disadvantages that must be considered when deciding which is the best fit for your home.

The Upright Vacuum

Most popular in the USA and UK, the upright vacuum cleaner is perfect for vacuum cleaning large areas of carpet quickly. Upright vacuums tend to be more efficient than cylinder vacuums, requiring less power to provide the same level of suction which means they can outperform the cylinder vacuums in most cases.upright-or-cylinder-vacuum-2

Pet hair is dealt with better by upright vacuums, but once that hair starts appearing on furniture or stairs it can get a bit trickier. Upright vacuums usually come with a pipe, crevice tool and furniture brush but these can be unwieldy to use.


  • Powerful and efficient

  • Especially strong on carpets, large areas and at picking up pet hair


  • Can be difficult to manoeuvre

  • Not ideal for stairs or furniture

  • Not as suited for hard floors as cylinder vacuums

Recommendations: Suited best for households with large, carpeted rooms or pets.

The Cylinder Vacuum

upright-or-cylinder-vacuumThe cylinder vacuum has grown in popularity, especially in smaller flats or houses. They tend to be smaller than their upright counterparts, but the loose pipes can actually make them harder to store neatly. They are usually lighter and easier to manoeuvre than uprights, getting under furniture and into corners better, but they will take longer to use on large open spaces of carpet. They do, however, normally perform better on hard floors and are far easier to use on furniture or stairs.

Cylinder vacuum cleaners tend to be quieter than uprights, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t actually using more power to keep their levels of suction up to par. Even this extra power won’t help when it comes to pet hair which can cause problems for the cylinder.


  • Compact, lightweight and quiet

  • Great for either cleaning or getting around furniture as well as cleaning stairs

  • Cope with hard floors better than uprights


  • Inefficient and not as good for picking up pet hair

  • Untidy storage

  • Not ideal for large open spaces

Recommendations: Ideal for smaller homes or flats where tighter spaces make uprights difficult to use. Also recommended for those who have trouble using uprights on stairs.

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