Dyson Digital Slim DC35 Multi Floor Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

Dyson DC35 Cordless Vacuum The British company Dyson need little introduction after becoming a bit of a trend setter in the vacuum world. They were formed by James Dyson in 1993, and following the success of their cylinder vacuum cleaners have since ventured into other fields including fans, heaters and hand dryers.

The Dyson DC35 enters the market as a lightweight and versatile cordless vacuum cleaner, fulfilling the roles of both an upright and a handheld vacuum thanks to a detachable pipe.

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The facts:

  • Weight: 2.2kg

  • Charge and run time: 3 hours charge, 15 minute run time

  • Capacity: 0.35 litres

  • Dimensions: 30 x 23 x 112cm

  • Power: 65 watts

On beginning this Dyson DC35 review, the first thing that stood out was the high build quality of the DC35 – a common theme with Dyson vacuum cleaners. The device feels extremely solid, yet somehow remains lightweight and easy to use. Out of the box it comes with three fairly standard tools including a crevice tool and a brush built into a single combination accessory tool. The third tool is the main floor cleaner, which is motorised and performs well on anything from thick carpets to hard floors. All of these easily plug together, either with or without the pipe which is used to switch between the upright and handheld modes.

The other common trait in Dyson vacuum cleaners is the extremely good suction power. Whilst the DC35 can’t quite match the bigger brother mains vacuums, it still does a very good job which will leave any home owner satisfied – the difference is only really noticeable on larger pieces of waste. In order to provide this level of power, the DC35 does have a run time a little below average for cordless vacuums, usually lasting somewhere around 15 minutes. This is the natural trade off between cordless vacuums and mains ones, but for most households this should still prove to be sufficient. The DC35 does not surrender much in suction and gives possibly the best performance seen in a cordless vacuum.Dyson DC35 Cordless Vacuum

The cylinder, while small, is emptied at the simple press of a button with the collected waste dropping out of the bottom without the need to remove any parts. This is a smart design decision – it will need to be emptied frequently and this task is made as painless and quick as possible. The filters will need cleaning every month at least, but again these are easy to remove and replace thanks to the DC35’s design.

The final thing to mention is that the DC35 comes supplied with a docking station which can be used to hang it on a wall. This keeps it out of the way whilst charging and makes it easy to grab for a quick clean.


The Dyson DC35 comes highly recommended for small and medium households as a main vacuum, and even larger households as a cordless subsidiary vacuum to a more robust mains one. It gives very good cordless performance with Dyson’s handy design touches and superb build quality. If you can forgive the slightly below average run time in exchange for the extra suction compared to other cordless vacuums on the market then the DC35 should be perfect for the job.

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Pros:Dyson DC35 Cordless Vacuum

  • High build quality

  • Extremely lightweight and versatile

  • Powerful suction


  • Short run time

  • Small capacity

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